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Missing teeth can dramatically impact your daily life, from limiting the foods that you can eat to causing jaw pain and problems and even diminishing your self-confidence. While there are a couple of different options available to replace missing teeth, dental implants are by far the most beneficial and the closest match to your natural teeth in both appearance and function. Jeffrey M. Navre, DDS, in Westbury, New York, specializes in the placement of beautiful, functional dental implants. To learn more, call or book an appointment online today at the office of Dr. Navre for a consultation.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic replacement of your natural tooth, including the root. Dental implants are composed of three parts:

  • A titanium post implanted into the jawbone
  • An abutment, which screws into the implant and extends to the gumline
  • A crown

Dental implants are permanently fixed, which means you never have to take them out.

How do dental implants differ from the natural tooth?

Despite advancing technology, nothing trumps your natural tooth. Dental implants come the closest to doing everything your natural tooth does. They:

  • Hold the space
  • Prevent recession of jawbone and gum tissue
  • Function much like a natural tooth
  • Look like a natural tooth

However, dental implants do fail in a small percentage of cases and, while many last a lifetime, some may require replacement in the future.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants come with a multitude of benefits—they:

  • Look and feel more natural than other options
  • Function much like a natural tooth, allowing you to eat almost any food you choose without trouble
  • Prevent bone and tissue recession
  • Last many years and sometimes a lifetime
  • Improve your smile and self-confidence

What can I expect during the process?

Dental implants generally require a minimum of three appointments:

During the first appointment, the titanium post is inserted into the bone and the tissue is sutured shut. You can expect to be sore following this surgical procedure and will most likely require a driver after your appointment. For several months, your jawbone goes to work anchoring the implant. When the implant is anchored in your jaw, the second appointment is scheduled.

During the second appointment, a small incision is made to access the titanium post and an abutment is attached to the post. This abutment is visible following the procedure and will serve as the foundation for your crown.

During the third appointment, which usually occurs a few weeks after the second, a crown is fixed to the abutment and your treatment is complete.

Does dental insurance cover implants?

While many insurance policies include coverage for medically necessary dental implants, it is very uncommon for an insurance company to deem an implant medically necessary and cover any portion of the cost. The friendly staff at Dr. Navre’s office can assist you in planning for the expenses associated with your treatment.